Teacup Tuesday 31st March 2020

Photo sources/credits: Pinterest for all.

Hello and happy Teacup Tuesday! I am not quite sure who came up with the term ‘Teacup Tuesday’, but I am glad whoever it was, did. It is such a fun concept and is very popular among the tea lovers and tea blogging community. Now, how you interpret Teacup Tuesday and what you do to mark it is really up to you. Many people will talk about the latest teacup they purchased, or give a little story about their favourite teacup…anything goes, really, and there are no hard and fast rules about it. The only thing that matters is that the teacup must be the subject matter, for obvious reasons. Teacup Tuesday is something that I have come to really enjoy and try as much as possible to participate in regularly. I love searching the net for teacups I have not featured before and trying to find suitable accessories to pair them up with. I have to say, it has really opened my eyes to lot of interesting facts about tea ware and teatime accessories. I find it all incredibly fascinating.

When serving Afternoon Tea or High Tea, choosing good tableware (aka cutlery, flatware, etc) is an important and integral part of the process. For many, the decision requires a lot of thought and it can take some time to finally decide on the cutlery to go with your chosen tea set.

With so much choice available to us, whether you are buying in-store or online, it can become a little overwhelming when you have to decide what to buy. My first principle is to go with your instinct. We have an inherent detector for what makes us happy, and when it comes to organising something like Afternoon Tea, finding joy in your choices is vital. You should then look at colour and design. Pick something that doesn’t clash with the tea set design. If you anticipate that you will be pairing your cutlery with more than one tea set, then might be a good idea to choose something that is not too elaborate, that can go with most things. In terms of colour, you might want to pick a colour on the tea set as your guide, or go for something neutral, again if you plan to use it with more than one tea set.

So, the reason for this preamble is to introduce to you one of my takes on Teacup Tuesday. I’ve been running a weekly event (usually!) for some time now, on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I have also recently started to run on Twitter so that my Twitter followers get in on it as well. I was inspired by a few Facebook pages who run similar events, but I wanted to do mine a bit differently. So instead of matching up a teacup to a stylish outfit, which the other pages do, I decided to make the teacup the main feature, and then let people choose the accessories to go with the teacup. The accessories vary every time, although tea napkins tend to be the most frequent ones for some reason. I like to change it up now and again, just to make it more interesting. Otherwise I fear it could get a tad boring after a while. It is great fun, and in some ways it inspires me to think about how I could make future tea times a bit more special.

Anyway, without any further ado, pictured is today’s match-up. Here we have a gorgeous Royal Albert teacup and saucer in the classic Old Country Roses design, and some cutlery I thought could possibly be paired up with the set.

Which cutlery would you choose to go with the teacup and saucer? I’m going to go with option 2 today.

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