Small but perfectly formed

Hello from Poppy and Patricia!

I have been making character tea cosies for as long as Tafferty Designs has been around. In fact, I made some before I opened the shop. Hedgehog tea cosies are among some of my favourites in this category, although right now I can’t think of the ones I don’t like making! I really enjoy making all of them, but there is something a bit more special about the hedgehog tea cosies. They are full of fun, charm and character. I love making tea cosies which you won’t find on the market. So I designed the delightful hedgehog tea cosies for those looking for the unusual yet practical tea cosy. Being hand-made, they are not mass-produced and therefore you will not find many like them on the market. Many of the ones I make are either limited editions or one-of-a-kind (OOAK).

For some reason, I have not made the small 2-cup versions that often. Yes, they are a bit more fiddly, because everything is scaled down to miniature size, but I think I have just tended to make the bigger 6-cup sizes almost be default.

Well, this lockdown situation has given me an opportunity to sit down and really think about where and how far I want to take my little business. I think on some level, having more time to reflect has brought out my creativity on a whole new level, and I have a burning desire to explore other ideas…other avenues, as long as they remain relevant and true to what Tafferty Designs is about. One of those ideas is to try to cater for most teapot sizes. I will need to have a written plan/to-do list in order for this plan to succeed, because usually, I tend to make one size more than the others at any one time. Obviously that means at any one point, some of my customers are being ‘left out’, and we cannot behaving that now, can we? so, from now on, I will make a point of making cosies to add to the shop inventory, in more than one size, as much as possible. Sometimes it’s just not practically possible, for example if I have a limited amount of a particular yarn, or if the yarn type is not suitable to use it in making a tea cosy of a particular size. That’s fine, as long as I then don’t just continue to make the same size and neglect the others.

So, with that in mind, I plan to make more of the hedgehog tea cosies in the smaller sizes. As you know, teapots come in the following sizes: 2-cup, 4-cup, 6-cup, 8-cup and even 10-cup. The 2-cup and 6-cup sizes are ‘standard’ sizes, so they tend to appear in the shop most frequently. I have tended to make the other sizes as custom orders, but from now on, I plan to add the 4-cup tea cosy sizes to the inventory on a regular basis as well. The 8-cup and 10-cup sizes, however, will remain on a request/made-to-order basis, as not many people or families use those. I have to take such things into consideration from a cost-effectiveness point of view.

The good news, therefore, is that small hedgehog tea cosies, like little Poppy (pictured) will be making a regular appearance at Tafferty Designs when the shop reopens. I’ve put little Poppy next to Patricia, so that you can see the size comparison. Patricia is sitting on top of a standard 6-cup teapot whilst Poppy is on a standard 2-cup teapot. Poppy may be small, but she is perfectly formed! I am really excited about this and I can’t wait to make more!

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In the meantime, take care of yourselves and enjoy lots of tea times. Happy Friday everyone!

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